Battery Clip Cable – QFF-6-BC –


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If your home is prone to power outages, our battery clip cable can be used to power a Quiet Fireplace Fan from any 12 Volt battery during power outages. Perfect for ensuring your direct vent gas fireplace can continue to heat your home while the power is out.

These clips can be connected to any 12 Volt battery to run the Quiet Fireplace Fan. The red clip goes to the positive (+) battery terminal and the black clip goes to the negative (-) battery terminal. If they are connected incorrectly the fan will not run but will not be damaged, just reverse the clips and the fan will run. Only to be used with a 12 Volt battery (higher voltages will damage the fan and void the warranty).

Note: On lead acid type batteries (riding mower, PWC, motorcycle) folding a strip of aluminum foil over to form a 1/2″ wide strap and using the alligator clip to hold the foil strap wrapped around the contact post will make suitable contact to the battery.

Connectors color coded clips (+ = red) for connection to battery and jack that plugs into fan assembly
Cable Length 6′ long
Fuse 5 Amps in positive (red) lead of cable