Inline Thermostat Switch – QFF-120-TS –


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Thermostat cable assembly with magnetic attachment for automatic fan operation.

The inline thermostat switch automatically turns the fan on once the bottom of the firebox reaches at 120 degrees F. The fan continues to run after the fire is turned off until the firebox has cooled down, allowing the fan to continue expelling the heat stored in the firebox into the room. This accessory connects inline between the fan and the power adapter, and magnetically attaches to the bottom of the firebox.

Connectors One end fits the plug from the adapter or battery cable, and the other end has a jack that plugs into the fan assembly.
Magnet 1/2″ diameter x 1/8″ Nickel coated NdFeB rare earth magnet – 10, 800 G
Cable Length 17″ from jack to sensor & 17″ from sensor to plug